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Labor support services helps both you and your partner to have a more satisfying birthexperience, decreasing your chances of having a cesarean section by as much as 50%!


Services include:

  • We will assist you what ever your goals are for your birth experience, (i.e. natural birth, medicated birth, VBAC
  • 1-2 prenatal in-home planning sessions to review your birth preferences and review the most common support techniques.  These are techniques not commonly learned in your child birth education courses!
  • We can accompany you to 1 visit to your doctor or midwife usually at 35 or 36 weeks gestation.
  • Continuous emotional and physical support during labor and in the immediate postpartum period
  • One postpartum visit:  24  hours  after birth, at the hospital or at home, within one to two weeks after birth.


A FREE, no‐obligation CONSULTATION via phone or in person with the Director of Doula Services can help you decide the mix of services that may be right for you, given your budget, family support and specific family circumstances.